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Buch | Butjaculix ...how it began (englische Version)

Buch | Butjaculix ...how it began (englische Version)

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Band 1 (Englische Version | Begib dich mit dem Zauberer Butjaculix und seinen Freunden auf die geheimnisvolle Reise und lass dich verzaubern…  

Sprache: Englisch


Format: ca. 21x21 cm
Material: Softcover
50 Seiten
Sprache: Englisch
ISBN-13: 979-8842684762

1. Auflage 2022 (Englisch)
© 2022 Atelier Umwerk
© 2022 Michael Bobrowski
in Zusammenarbeit mit Donner Tattoo
Idee & Text: Michael Bobrowski
Illustrationen: Kupferroeschen
Alle Rechte vorbehalten.
Übersetzung: Ursula McNeill

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Buch | Butjaculix ...how it began (englische Version)

Located by the shore of the North Sea in Germany is the charming peninsula
Butjadingen. This region is unique and home to an old and wise Man named
Surrounded by dozens of chickens, geese and bunnies, he lives in a cute, little
thatched cottage. Balou, his loyal watchdog, Abraham, the know-it-all seagull,
and Mola, the big, lazy cat are his friends and never far from his side. He
gardens fruits and veggies in addition to caring for the animals around him.
All of this may seem rather typical but trust me when I say it is anything but.
There is something quite remarkable about this old man. Not only that he
understands all languages, but he also speaks them, those of other realms
included. This unique skill made him the gate keeper of our world and the
mystical Andersworld, which is home to Elven and Fairies. Since times of
old he guards the Elvengate, which opens every full moon. Together with the
beings of the Andersworld, he masters exciting adventures.
Will you join him on his journey?